Watchlist App

A friend and I had a long list of movies we wanted to watch together. We tracked these in a shared Google Sheet, but this quickly became tedious. We wanted a way to easily add movies to the list, and to be able to mark them as watched. This is how the idea for W2tch was born.







While it’s already possible to manage watchlists in apps such as IMDb and Letterboxd, they all have the following issue: It’s not possible to share watchlists with others.

The initial version was built with SvelteKit, as that was my favorite framework at the time. The app worked fine, and even includes some features the current version doesn’t:

While I was building the app, I heard a lot of good things about tRPC and wanted to build something with that. Sadly there wasn’t much documentation at the time for using tRPC and SvelteKit together, so I couldn’t use it in the project. I couldn’t think of anything else to build, so I decided to rebuild the app with Next.js, as tRPC was built with that in mind. The code of the SvelteKit version is still available here.

The app sources its data from TMDB. NextAuth is used to handle authentication, and Prisma to communicate with the database, hosted at Planetscale.

View W2tch in action.