About me

My name is Julien Zapata Duque. I am a 25-year-old software developer from The Netherlands.

I've had an interest in computers since I was 17. I built my first computer around my 18th birthday. Soon after that I was introduced to AutoHotkey, a scripting language to automate various aspects of Windows. I quickly picked up the basics and wrote some simple scripts. A few months later I started learning Python, but soon stopped because I couldn't find a real use for it in my daily life.

A year or two went by without much change, until one day, when I was working at a local computer repair shop, where I was introduced to web development. They had recently hired someone to rebuild their website from the ground up and I was asked if I wanted to look over his shoulder as he worked. While I couldn't understand much of the code, I enjoyed the process around web development. So much that I started learning it in my free time with the help of online courses.

At the age of 21 I decided to go to college to study Software Engineering. It was there where my love for software development has really made its home. After a full-stack web development project I quickly fell in love with everything surrounding it. Since then I've spent my spare time learning TypeScript, and various fullstack technologies, such as Next.js and SvelteKit.

I graduated on June 20, 2023 🎉

Other technolies I've worked with:

Currently I'm working full time as a software developer at HoorayHR. In my spare time I like to work on side projects and experiment with new technologies.